This exhibit’s priority is to raise donations for the Yellow Hammer Fund, an organization that provides financial assistance and support to those seeking abortions in the state of Alabama, and to promote reproductive justice throughout the state and community. In our current political climate, it is more important than ever to fight for the rights of all women to have legal, safe, and affordable abortions and to raise awareness for this cause. In 1973, activists fought for abortion rights in the Roe versus Wade case, but this has since become insufficient. Women’s rights have been chipped away over the past forty-five years,and so today we stand with all pro-choice voices in saying “Enough is enough!”

A group of Chicago artists and activists have been volunteering every week to put together a popup art exhibit that focuses on local art which embraces the subject of pro-choice, political activism, and women’s healthcare issues. We wanted to express our frustration with the current policies across the country through art in an experience both educational, emotional, and personal to the audience.

We hope this show impacts the community and could be a staple for expressing women & the trans-community issues in the future.


For any more info about the show or if you’re interested in partnering with us email our volunteers at

Stephanie Ledemsa
Lead Organizer

Mellissa Dempsey
Lead Organizer

(Left) Artist: Charles Myers