How do I submit a piece for the show?

Submissions for pieces are closed.

Do I need to be there for hanging the work?

No, Stephanie and a team of volunteers will be hanging the work. All we require of artists is to drop off the work on the August 3rd between 11am-6pm or make arrangements with one of our organizers by emailing

Does the work have to have a wire?

Yes, it does. We have an agreement with the Chicago Art Department to do as minimal damage with the space. Wired art is not only a standard in most galleries but it will help us achieve the agreement. This does not apply to art that will not be hung up. 

How will my art be displayed if it’s not hanging?

We will have art pedestals for art that can’t be hung (e.g. sculptures, zines).

What happens to my art if it sells?

All proceeds go to the organization Yellow Hammer Fund. None will be going towards space, food, or the 1973: Pro Choice Voices volunteer group. The artwork will stay up for the duration of the show (6-10pm) and then be given to the customer.

Do I need to be there for uninstalling the work?

Yes and no. We encourage artists to take their unsold artwork immediately after the show after 10pm on August 9th since this is a pop-up event. For those that can’t, we will be at the gallery from 11am-6pm the next day on August 10th for pick up or make arrangements with one of our organizers by emailing

(Left) Artist: Azul Nogueron